Bootcamp gpu and cpu bugs

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by makaveli559m, May 4, 2012.

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    I have had a MacBook Pro for the last few days, I have noticed some bugs that I feel should be pointed out. From what I have seen there is a horrible cpu bug and gpu bug. With software I have seen the gpu bug make the gpu stay stuck in full throttle mode. People keep saying about macs running hot on Windows that is the reason why. Also a cpu bug that makes the processor too stay stuck on full throttle, to fix the cpu issue is easy by going in advance power settings and turning down the percentage. But when the gpu gets really hot it makes the cpu hot too. I used a program to add Powermizer settings but there is still something wrong because the gpu wont always trottle down unless I make it throttle down. I see why Apple did this on purpose to force people to use only Mac OS.
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    You have to remember that Macs use EFI and simulate the BIOS. (PCs are starting to use EFI just now with recent cpus).

    To top it off, Apple uses hand picked drivers and does not optimize it for the Mac.

    Windows on the Mac is profitable for Apple, but it is not an extreme priority. I remember when Bootcamp first came out as a beta, it stayed that way for a while. They took it a bit more seriously in Snow Leopard.

    So all in all, don't be surprised by some discrepancies when it comes to running Windows on a Mac.

    I don't have Windows on my MBP, but my Mac Pro has been running some version of Windows on it since 2008, with no major issues whatsoever.

    Don't necessarily think that Apple didn't optimize it on purpose to let the CPU/GPU throttle at similar pace as under OS X, they just don't have it on their priority list.

    The real reason they allow Macs to run Windows after the Intel transition was to help people move to OS X/Mac hardware if they were hardcore Windows users.

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