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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by RazonTheGeek, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Dec 13, 2012
    okay so i bought my self a gtx 570 (ASUS) And its not what i expected it to be , it's a 3 slot card its pretty big since it has 2 fans. But anyway , i tried to fit it in the first pci slot and it did not fit all the way in... but then i put it in the 2nd pci slot and it fit perfectly. im trying to find out if this is going to drop performance , i think every slot in the mac pro 1,1 is x16 but then its limited . im not sure , correct me if wrong.
    i need help asap . i ordered the last power cable for this on ebay , and i really wanna get full performance on windows. i know there is the slot utility thing , but does windows read that ? i mean everyslot can be x16 on windows right ? Ah its hard to explain let me summarize things up a bit.

    - Bought A BootCamp Gpu For My Mac Pro 1st GEN.
    - Found Out it does not fit in the first pci slot
    - worrying if it will lose performance in the 2nd pci slot.
    - Slot Utility Expansion Tool Says The 2nd slot is only 8x
    - The Card Is Obviously X16
    - BUT! I am going to run windows.
    - Does Slot Utility Remember that it is in 8x slot?
    - Will windows Read it as it is in a full performance x16 slot in the 2nd pci express slot??

    Please if you need more details , comment!
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    lol well...... being in a pcie 1.1 slot is going to take about 10-15% performance away anyways. if the 2nd slot is 1.1 x8 performance is going to be down about 20-25%, but from what i've read the first gen mac pro had 3 slots all pcie 1.1 x16... but honestly depending on your cpu you won't see any improvement at all. Mind telling me your full specifications so i can tell you exactly what improvements you'll get, if any at all? also, every slot can be x16 on any operating system, it depends on how the motherboard is designed.
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