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  1. mattxi macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2012
    Novosibirsk, RU and Minnesota, US
    Hey all,

    I have been defeated.

    after spending the last few days attempting to find a way to get windows 8 on my rMBP, error after error has finally lead me to ask you geniuses what to do.

    I have an x86 Windows 8 iso just begging to be used. And a correctly formatted USB drive. I have the iso and drivers burned to discs, but apparently windows won't boot from external disc drives....

    Every time I try to restore the iso onto the usb, i get either an "invalid argument" error or "error 254." Driving me nuts.

    I know there must be more information to be had in order to diagnose my problem, but i suppose i don't know what to tell you. If you have a fix, PLEASE tell me, or ask for more info so i can help you help me.

  2. mattxi thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2012
    Novosibirsk, RU and Minnesota, US
    I've also attempted on windows 7 32 bit, and I'm getting the same error.
  3. leman macrumors G3

    Oct 14, 2008
    The bootcamp assistant has an option to copy create a bootable USB from a windows install iso.
  4. mac jones macrumors 68040

    Apr 6, 2006
    You should not have a problem with Windows 7 on the Retinas.

    I have a small SSD drive I use for the Windows install disk. Bootcamp assistant has this option and it will save you a lot of grief.

    Also something of interest perhaps. You can install and run Windows 7 on an external Thunderbolt drive. I made a 5GB FAT partition on my Retina's internal SSD and have bootcamp on external drives. Runs as good as an internal drive.

    There are instructions for this in the forums. Apparently, Thunderbolt uses SATA drivers, as that's what Windows looks for when it's installed. Also, Winclone has a new version out that works great. I've used this to clone Bootcamp partitions onto external drives.

    The point is, if you have an SSD Windows install disk, you can troubleshoot installs, as the installation doesn't take very long at all. Also, Bootcamp likes this, so you would be wise to go this route.

    note: if you decide to clone onto an external TB drive, you will have to use your install disk to repair the the disk as it will give you an error. Not a big deal at all.

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