bootcamp install with broken lcd

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by elsparko, Jul 28, 2013.

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    Nov 30, 2011
    Hi guys, ive pretty much exhausted every line of thought i had on this now before posting here, so hopefully one of you good folks might be able to suggest something that i havent already thought of. so, the situation is this, late 2010 A1369 13" MBA with a cracked lcd. use it with and external monitor no problem in osx in clamshell mode, but insurance for the damage covered the purchase of a new pro for me, so i want to sacrifice the air to my arcade machine and just run windows on it.

    thing is, when i run bootcamp and it begins the windows install, the display switches to the lcd and i cannot see what is on the screen and will under no circumstances output to the external monitor with the mini display port plugged in.

    like i say i have exhausted everything i can think of bar one option at this stage. I am thinking that i might be able to take out the ssd and install windows to the bootcamp partition with another machine and cross my fingers when i replace it and boot it back up and hope that windows with recognise the external display. somehow though i think this might be wishful thinking!

    so, can anybody suggest me something else, possibly easier? and replacing the lcd isnt an option as it is far too expensive.

    would there be anyway of outputting the main display to a monitor by rewiring the display-out ribbon or anything?

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