Bootcamp : Installation Guide, Advice & User Feedback Requested

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by MBP_187, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Hi All :)

    I'm a new MBP user, having used Windows all my life. I purchased a refurbished MBP , 13' late 2011, 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 Gb RAM, 512 Gb SSD, this year.

    I am running Yosemite, and have no desire to update, since I am not having any issues. I will increase my RAM to 8 Gb shortly (saving up as we speak lol )

    I have also installed Andy, an Android emulator.

    I am really enjoying working in OSX and my MBP. It is a real pleasure to use, I do not regret paying a somewhat hefty price for this old machine (please see older posts for details). I have never used Apple products before and always wanted to try them.

    I am grateful to this Forum for providing information and support; Thank you :)

    I have read about running Windows on MBP, via Bootcamp. Usually I do not need to use Windows programs, but if the option is there, I would like to install it. (Provided it does not slow down or create problems)

    I would like Advice on how best to do this.

    From users who are running Bootcamp, what feedback can you share with me? Any Tips? Also, I wanted to know; if I run Bootcamp, can I just install Windows/MS Office once and be done with it? or is there yearly renewal system for Windows/MS Office?

    Sorry, I'm a layman, not that much of techie, can the Forum please also advise me on 'disk partitions'? Something I read up on the Forum but did not understand. Do I need to set up a partition to run Windows/ Bootcamp? [Side Q: should I set up a partition for Andy, Android emulator?]

    Please share any helpful posts/links about Installing and running Bootcamp on MBP.

    From the experienced members, given my system specs, is it wise to try to run Bootcamp on my MBP? I installed Andy just to try it out, I can uninstall it. Having Windows on my MBP would be helpful for my work.

    Thanking All in Advance,

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