Bootcamp Issues on Dual-drive 2011 MPB

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    Jun 6, 2011
    So heres my issue: I have a new 15" MPB, just bought this past Feb. I'm currently running 8gbs of ram, 1 - 500gb HDD and 1 -128gb SSD, my OS and all app are on the SSD and everything else is on the mechinical drive (using my optical drive as a USB external).

    My issue is I want to install windows 7 on this new unit to have a dual boot after parallels left a bad taste in my mouth. The OS installed just fine but things were very very slow.

    So I figured bootcamp would be a perfect option, I choose my mechanical drive (being larger) for the partition and allocated 80gbs towards the bootcamp partition. All went fine except for when windows installer was supposed to take over because it did not, all I got was the traditional black screen with blinking cursor.

    Bouncing around the net heres what I did to attempt to fix it:
    - erase partition and try again
    - run disk repair on said drive
    - reset PRAM
    - reset SMC

    The unit sees the windows install disk (and I know it works because of the parallels install) but just does not boot anything, it just lingers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think windows needs to be on the ssd or hard drive that is on the original hdd compartiment not on the optical drive port. (In your case looks like it's on the ssd).

    edit: Anyway since the partition is already created, try turning on your mac with the alt key pressed, insert the windows install dvd and try to boot from it (it should appear an cd symbol with windows written bellow)

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