Bootcamp on external USB drive??

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    Jan 11, 2015
    I have a 2014 iMac 5K that has a 512gb SSD. It's not the biggest but it works great for the OSx part.

    I partitioned off a 64gb partition for Bootcamp that in hind site is a bit too small. I use Windows7 currently for one App to re-encode my TV shows from beyondTV so that they will play fine on my older Samsung smart TV. It's a process I know and can do it in my sleep.

    I have thought it would be a good or better idea to move the bootcamp off the SSD that really does not need it, and put it on an External USB3 drive to simply dedicate the SSD to my OSx and an external drive would give me far more space so I had the option to play games or other things.

    I have done quite a bit of GOOGLE and there are posts from people saying they moved Win7 to an external USB drive, and there are others saying it's not possible. I tried to contact WinClone but their web site seems to say that only Win8 can be moved external. They just wont give me any definitive answer unless I purchase their software (and i'd be ticked if its to find out its not possible)

    I am wondering if ANYONE has successfully got Windows 7 to run on an external USB drive with a 2014 iMac 5K?? And if you have, do you have any links to instruction on how to get this done?
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