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May 13, 2013
Recently i got my sonnet tempo ssd card (not pro) and i have 2 ssds on it one samsung 840 pro for os x, and 120gb older OWC ssd for windows.

I managed to install windows on 120 gb without bootcamp assistant and dvd drive, was pretty easy.

Problem is windows whn booting doesnt see sonnet tmpo card or cannot boot from it, same way it cant boot from external drive.

is there any way to make windows boot from sonnet tempo ssd card ?


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May 3, 2012
Dual booting with PCI/SATA 3 card

I have the same Sonnet card, and I cannot dual boot with it the regular way (entering Bootcamp by holding down option during boot) because the SATA3 card breaks that functionality. However, I am able to dual boot with it using a workaround. I'll describe my setup and maybe that will help you.

On the Sonnet card I have one SSD installed (Intel 520 series, 180 gb). It contains OSX system partition and my applications.

I have a 1 TB HD drive installed in a regular bay, which has my Bootcamp partition (Windows 7), which I installed using the Bootcamp manager. I think using the Bootcamp manager to install Windows is important, so that OSX can see the windows partition.

To switch to Windows from OSX I go to System Preferences>Startup Disc and then choose Bootcamp Windows. (which is why it might be necessary to use Bootcamp manager to install Windows. Otherwise that choice might not appear). Then I restart the computer and it boots into Windows.

Once I want to switch back to OSX from Windows, I restart the computer and hold down cmd+option+P+R. (Many Thanks to TKawaguchi, see ). What this does is restore the default OS, which should be OSX. I hold it down until the Mac chimes and goes to a white screen. You can release the keys. By itself it will cycle once more and chime again! Then it will go to white screen and then OSX login screen finally appears. That's it.

Note: While in Windows, I cannot use the Bootcamp utility (which appears as a small diamond shaped icon in the system tray) to return to OSX. Its functionality is also broken by using the SATA3 card.

So it's a little workaround. Hope this helps!



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Jan 18, 2012
Not working

Hello! I tried this workaround but I can't boot from SSD anymore.

I have a Bootcamp partition on a SSD, with Windows 7 installed using the Bootcamp assistant. Everything is working great with the installation, but when I put the drive on the Tempo card, even using system Startup Disk to boot from Bootcamp partition, I got this message on boot:

"No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key"

I really want to free a Sata 2 port and use the speed of sata 3 for my Bootcamp partition, anybody knows how to solve it?

Tks in advance!


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Jan 18, 2012
Even if I format full drive with a single windows partition? For example creating the partition map using the windows installer?



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Jan 18, 2012
The solution...

Great News!

I think the main problem with Apple Boot Camp native utility is that it doesn't support any external drive, and PCIe drives is recognised as an external drive by the OSX.

So I tried this method with my OWC Mercury Accelsior that have the same problem of Sonnet Tempo, and it works!

2 downsides:
-you will need a working Windows on a Mac using Bootcamp or even a real PC just to format the drive and make the correct partitions using Windows cmd prompt
-you have to format a whole drive to boot exclusively with Windows MBR partition scheme, so you can’t use the same drive to boot an OSX partition but you can leave a blank partition to format as HFS+ for data if you wish

You can follow all the instructions steps, just knowing that you are not using a USB or Thunderbolt drive, for that reason you can’t use a virtual machine unless you have a PCIe external device.

Hope someone try it to see if it works with Tempo.

Good luck


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Apr 3, 2014
Hong Kong
Millions thanks for this info. I have no extra SSD to try that with my Tempo card yet, but I will test it with my ext USB HDD.


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Nov 16, 2013
The OWC Accelsior supports booting windows for bootcamp, so long as only one Accelsior is installed. The sonnet card does not support bootcamp at all.
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