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    Aug 17, 2010
    I am a really new MAC user. I had a Windows Vista laptop and had purchased the Windows 7 download update for a Windows 7 Professional. However, I only have the .exe file with me that I was able to download from the website. I do not have a DVD. Is there any way that I can use the .exe file for Bootcamp or VMWare? I have paid for the windows 7 OS, I have the .exe file but no DVD. I cheaped out on that. But now, I have a dilemma because my school starts and I need a Windows Environment to run .exe applications for my engineering programs. These .exe files are really small and I am sure it would work fine if I can have VMWare running on my 13" MBP. Any help?
    I looked around for .exe to .iso conversion with no result and I never saw a similar problem on this forum.
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    I have posted this link many times before in threads with similar topics. You may be able to use one of the links here: to download an ISO of the version you bought and use it with your product key.

    You may also have to use one of the clean install methods if your product key is an upgrade one.

    Note: The validity of your license is questionable, as you don't have transfer rights from the Windows laptop's license.


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