Bootcamp Partitioning: Reversible?


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Aug 30, 2006

I've just got a Mac Pro, and only have the stock HD at the moment. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding a 300Gb HD for media, and a smaller HD for BootCamp. I'd love to get a windows install up and running soon, but if I can't then realloate it back to the main volume, I'll wait. Any ideas?



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Nov 10, 2005
Tacoma, WA
How does one go about doing this? Because I would like to erase my windows partition and reinstall XP from the ground up (also I want to change it from FAT32 - which has given me a few problems - to NTFS), but I don't want to screw things up or have to reinstall OSX.


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May 6, 2006
Leeds, UK
@orangezorki: Depends what you mean by the 'main volume', if you want all the space to appear to OS X as one volume then you'll need to set up a concat of the disks (as it appears you're using different sized disks), this is easiest to do when installing OS X. If you just want the drive to be available to the Mac again then you can just erase the Windows partition and reconfigure to work natively with OS X.

@ToastMaster If you just want to reinstall XP in the same space then just reboot with the XP CD again and reinstall you can then choose to move from FAT to NTFS
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