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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by newConvert, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone, got a bit of a problem, here is the situation.

    I had tried windows 7 on my pc, and decided that I liked it and wanted to load it up on my macbook via bootcamp. I was hoping I'd be able to do it from the iso image I had, so I go through the process, create a partition, then I realize that the iso image didn't work, it needed to be burnt.

    So I burn it, then continue with the process, I get to the part were you select your partiition to install it on, and windows gave me an error of "Not being able to install on a drive thats not NTSC" (or something ilke that)

    So now whenever I reboot my macbook it comes up with a dos like prompt asking for an instal disc. It looks like the partition didn't get created properly so now i'm kinda stuck in lalal land. Can't get back onto the osx either?

    Any help? Thanks.
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    Try holding the option key during the boot cycle and then select your OS X partition to boot to OS X.

    To install Win7 you need to create a FAT32 partition via BootCamp/Disk Utility, then boot to the Win7 DVD. You'll then select that FAT32 partition and reformat it to NTFS...from there you can install Win7.

    Alternatively, if you install NTFS-3G on the OS X side, you can create an NTFS partition from within OS X and then just install Win7 as it normally would, after running the BootCamp setup.
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