Bootcamp Trackpad & Brightness problems.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Nightizm, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Nightizm macrumors newbie

    Nov 6, 2014
    My issues:

    1. When I double-click to drag anything on the trackpad, the pointer freezes for 2 seconds before it actually moves anywhere. This is like the exact opposite of OS X.. when I have dragging enabled in OS X, it drags around, and then you have to let go for 2 seconds before the pointer unlocks itself from the drag... this two problems are making navigating really annoying. I've accepted the fact that on the OS X side it's just a stupid quirk, but on the Bootcamp side it has to be a glitch. Anyone have any suggestions?

    2. When I switch from OS X to Windows, Windows will boot up at max brightness, and then after a few seconds it dims to about 50% and get's stuck there. I try to raise the brightness and it says that's max. But I can still lower it just fine... This ones a less serious issue but still annoying nonetheless. Any ideas?

    3. The scrolling is out of control on Bootcamp... it's way too effin' fast. When I slow it down, it turns my OS X side down really slow too and glitches it out. So now I have it at a happy medium. OS X scrolling is pretty slow but in return I have a barely bearable scrolling speed on Bootcamp (still stupid fast).

    4. My machine runs like 25% hotter on everything I do on the Bootcamp side. Google Chrome? 25% hotter. Games? Might as well be in hell. Music software? 25% hotter.

    5. Just a statement... the Windows side is WAYYYYYY more snappier on this machine. I know how powerful it is, but you don't really tell on the OS X side. It's a bit animated and bubbly... on Windows everything opens up in a matter of nano seconds and clicking anything is super-responsive. People are always praising OS X and it's deserved, but as far as snappiness goes I don't see it. Am I alone in this case? I have to mention that I barely remember what Mavericks was like. I had the laptop for 3-4 days before Yosemite came out and I installed it. So I'm hoping it'll just get better with a new update.

    A little background info...

    I'm a newbie from PC to MAC. I have a refurbished 2013 Retina MacBook Pro 15' with the 2GB Nvidia Card and 512 SSD. OS X Yosemite installed.

    I have the right Bootcamp support software installed because when I went to the latest, I read the whole post and was about to download, and then it said (if you have 2013 rMBP then download this instead) and it was an even newer version that was for some reason not listed.

    All in all I'm 75% happy with my switch cause it;s a beautiful machine, but I'd love for Bootcamp to be a bit more robust as I use the Windows side as a professional machine for Music Production. Would love for you guys to have some patients and help me out with my issues, talking to Apple people are a headache, they just tell me to "re-install OS X" or "re-install bootcamp" or "hold down 4 buttons and restart the system"...

  2. Nightizm thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 6, 2014
    2. Got fixed. All I needed to do was disable auto-brightness -___- I'm glad it was such an easy fix though.

    I'm really hoping I can get 1. fixed now.


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