Bootcamp windows install on new 12 inch Macbook

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    Jun 19, 2013
    I have the new macbook 12 inch. I bought the adaptor that has the usb port, apple sells. The problem I run into is I use 1 usb disk to download the windows boot camp, then i unplug that and plug in the apple usb superdrive to divide partition and attempt windows 8 install but it requires 2 usb connections one for usb with bootcamp and one for the usb superdrive that has windows disk. So it won't allow install. I bought a usb adaptor that has 4 extra ports, but the superdrive won't power on....any ideas on how to continue windows 8 install with only one usb port to use?
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    I'm not sure whether a SuperDrive can be used for Boot Camp installation or not.

    Why would you plug in the SuperDrive to divide the partition?

    All you need is just a single stick to contain both the Windows installer and the drivers . That's it.

    The drivers and the Windows installer are supposed to be contain within a single stick, not two separate ones.
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    Bootcamp Windows macbook12 backlit keyboard not working

    I was able to install windows via bootcamp, everything is fine except backlit keyboard doesn't work. I reinstalled all bootcamp drivers and no success? Any suggestions on how to fix?


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    install last bootcamp drivers this will fix your problem , man how you install windows via bootcamp? i got black screen every time !!

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