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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by rykket, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Aug 2, 2011
    I have made an upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion on my Mac Mini, and decided to install Windows XP via Bootcamp. As Lion does not support XP, the workaround is to create the partition using bootcamp, skip the rest and install XP after rebooting. The next step would be to insert the Snow Leopard disk and the Drivers would autoinstall.

    My problem is that I do not have the Snow Leopard Disk, I only have a USB install disk for this purpose. When booted into Windows, the USB disk is not detected as the disk is formatted in a format unknow to Windows.

    I have downloaded the Bootcamp XP 2.1 ( and 2.2 ( update drivers, but these will not install before the basic BootCamp Drivers are in place.

    I have two options as I see it:

    1) Find the original BootCamp Drivers from Snow Leopard on Apple support, but I am unable to do so - does anyone know where to find them?
    2) Booted into OS X, browse the USB Snow Leopard Install Disk and find the files for the BootCamp drivers there (but I have no idea of where those files might be hiding..) Does anyone know?

    I would really appreciate some help!
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    Call Apple, they will sell you a set of replacement discs for your computer.
    There's a 2nd partition on the Snow Leopard DVD so you won't find the drivers on your USB installer.
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    Aug 4, 2011
    apologies for the double post but this thread was more pertinent for my issue

    Im on a imac 27" late 09 with lion.
    I have already revieved the replacment dvds and the drivers will not auto install or do much of anything when inserted. the snow leopard dvds came in two white discs with black writing. they do not say disc 1 and 2 buit the item oor part numbers are one digit apart. I have tried using both discs.

    ive never had windows on my computer before but i partitioned 60 gigs in boot camp then rebooted with the xp disc and it installed.
    For snow leopard I was never given the install dvd. (possible mistake at store when getting more ram added)
    apple care sent me a two dvd "replacement" version of the snow leopard dvds but while inserting any of them or my xp disc the drivers are not automatically installing.
    On xp I am fully unable to gain any internet connection, so xp cannot update and that also may be preventing me from gaining the drivers *(not sure about that).
    I have an always on broadband connection through comcast and i have tried everything in terms of repairing and setting up a new connection.

    I think that I am very close to a full install but if anyone has any advise on how I can get those drivers running I would appreciate any help offered.
    Thank you.
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