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    Dec 14, 2009
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    I was always frustrated by the fact that there was not a reboot icon on the Mac desktop to go to windows (like the Bootcamp icon on the W7 task bar).

    Well "Lo and Behold" check out BootChamp

    Developed by Kevin Wojniak

    Works great, and easy to install and use. The windows icon is located at the top toolbar.

    I even wrote to Kevin and he responded back to me immediately. Make sure you download the latest version from his site , and be sure that you uncheck Next Restart Only and leave the check by Launch At Startup, if you want the icon to appear at every restart. It kind of threw me off until I did that.

    The first time you boot to windows it will ask you for your password, then after that it does not any further.

    Makes for one less step when you want to boot to windows from your desktop.

    Bravo Kevin for developing this free tool. This should have came with Bootcamp....perhaps Apple should buy it off of him.

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