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Oct 29, 2017
County Durham, UK
I'm making a spreadsheet in numbers to track the time carers spend looking after someone each day. I've got the date in the first column and the times after that. I wanted an easy way to tell the weeks apart, like a dotted line border on the cells at the end of each week, but I just can't figure it out how to do it. See the screenshot attached. Thanks.



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Sep 8, 2010
You might want to look at the "Categories" template in which you can set your first column as Week such as Week1, Week2, and so on. The 2nd column can be Date like the example you showed. You can then turn on the "Categories" to show group for "Week".


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Jul 1, 2014
A bit of a hack...

Put your dates in column A. In column B, enter the following formula in the B2: if(weekday(A2,3)=0,A2,"")

Select A2, go to the cell formatting panel, "Conditional Formatting", "Add Rule", "Dates", "The date...", click the cell icon on the right side of the condition box, enter B2, pick a color. Done.

Now, select A2 and do a fill of all the other cells in column A.

With formula above, every cell that is a Monday will have the text in the selected color.

Select the B column and hide it.

ADD: in the formula, the return values are 0=Monday, through 6=Sunday, adjust accordingly for which day to highlight. Can also define custom fill color (bottom of the dropdown list in the rule where says "Bold") vs. text color, to sorta simulate a border.

ADD2: or can switch to LibreOffice. Free, open source, open format, and has the ability to create conditional formatting for a row.


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