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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by slitherjef, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Just doing some thinking out loud here since there is a wider variety of device users here that has perhaps gone through the same thing and could have possibly become bored by an ecosystem.

    A bit of a back story, I have been an Android user since the HTC G1, before that, a black berry user (remember trackballs? LOL), I have gone through several, probably too many android devices and yet I keep buying more, either due to accidents or them not meeting my needs or wants or perhaps it is just me becoming bored with them.

    Of the top of my head I have had:
    Droid (original slider), almost got the eris but wanted that physical keyboard
    DroidX, probably the best phone I have ever had
    Galaxy Nexus, probably one of the worst devices ever (CDMA)
    Galaxy SIII (was great at the time)
    Note II, probably what caused me to quit throwing roms on my devices
    Nexus 4, never used, just passed it on to my sister.
    Nexus 5, dropped cracked the screen, it still works but looking to replace it
    Nexus 7 wifi, 2012, gave up the ghost, just died
    Nexus 7 hspa, defective, but was unable to make the RMA in time so stuck with it until I dropped it one night on my table, shattering the screen
    Galaxy note 10.1. An okay device, too big, don't use most of the features like most other samsung devices :rolleyes:
    I just received a new 2013 nexus 7 WIFI (Oreo model) and was playing with it this morning and was frustrated to find that google currents is so laggy on the device it is almost unusable. Choppy sputtering scrolling nearly freezing at times, but yet runs fine on other devices (yes, it is running 4.4.2 as is my Nexus 5, which it runs smooth on), so I am already seeing some inconsistencies across devices. Currents even runs better on my first gen iPad mini in relation to the N7. :eek:

    My sis has gone through several android devices too, thunderbolt, bionic an SIII and now using a Nexus 4 comfortably.

    My mom has a small stack of electronics too, She ended up with my SIII after her note 1 did not work for her. She does want a nexus 5, but for now, her SIII is working. She has a note 8 also that she actually likes.

    So I was sitting here thinking, perhaps it is time for a shift. I love android, I love being able to obtain root, but more and more that is going the way of the dodo. I keep getting new android devices when I can when other devices don't live up to my expectations or I find something about them I don't like.

    Ironically, I am unable to find a reason to upgrade the iPad mini I have sitting next to me mostly because of the price and the inability to save images from the web that are linked, but its still a decent device. A 15" i7 MBP is my main computer.

    An iphone is pretty much OUT because of the large sizes of phones I have been using and its a little too restrictive for my tastes.

    It does seem a new android device comes out, I get my hands on it and its almost like, meh. Then the lack of updates. My note II is due for the 4.3 update but I probably will not install it because it will break root, probably for good.

    So, perhaps I should try a different tangent. I did look at that latest windows phone, the 1520, looks like a monster, but I cannot seem to get into windows 8. I have a Dell Venue 8 pro that was pretty much an experiment as well as a low in i3 windows 8.1 machine that I bought to install linux on but secure boot seen to that not happening.

    But windows 8 looks to be more for touch screens anyway with the metro. Launching IE from metro appears to give me a different version of explorer then launching from the desktop. Perhaps its the same but run in a different environment. Or perhaps they are just separate environments. Not sure.

    Anyway, I am rambling. Perhaps it is just an over saturation of android devices.
  2. Lloydbm41 Suspended


    Oct 17, 2013
    Central California
    2014 will bring us Ubuntu mobile. It will scratch that itch you are currently feeling. But that is still months away.

    Right now I am running a Windows phone, Android and iOS. I can't say I am bored at all.
  3. Stuntman06 macrumors 6502a


    Sep 19, 2011
    Metro Vancouver, B.C, Canada
    What is it that you want to be able to do that you can't with your existing devices? Is it just a matter of wanting something different that you haven't used before?
  4. MRU Suspended


    Aug 23, 2005
    I'm partisan to a bit of everything tech wise. So I'm running a Mac Pro as my desktop, a MBA as my laptop, a Surface Pro 2 as my tablet/desktop companion/drawing on the go and an iPad mini for bedroom tablet and finally my Note 3 as my phone.

    Having Android, iOS, OSX, Windows 8.1 all together and for most part all working in unison. So by not being embedded in just 1 ecosystem it tames my hunger and makes me appreciate all of them for different reasons.

    Tech boredom is a curse ;)
  5. Septembersrain macrumors 68040


    Dec 14, 2013
    I am very thankful my Note II had been never been updated. One you've put Knox on there, it'll never show 0x0 again, so warranty is null and void. If you try to Odin back to a previous, you'll brick. They do already have 4.3 ROMs however, so you can still get the experience of it without Knox.

    Now I've got the Note III and Knox is definitely a thorn in my side. I'm waiting for my XDA buddies to find that workaround. I'm in the JUMP program, so nulling a warranty isn't in my list of things to do right now. =/

    I originally had two Android phones as I've got two lines. I can't see any other Android performing as my Note III does, so it was always hard to find content. Finally I replaced my F7 with an iPhone 5c. The variety has me content for now. I've got an insanely high turn over rate with phones, let's see how long I last. Heh.

    Edit: BlackBerry and Windows make horrible software for phones. Just my two cents as I've had both. You get the best experience with Android and iOS all the way.
  6. Savor Suspended


    Jun 18, 2010
    After 2+ years, not yet.

    I think I would get bored with iOS and WP faster. Too closed or strict. I was with iOS for five years. After 3 days of owning a first gen iPod touch, I needed to jailbreak it! It was very boring as a stock OS back in 2008 without that many 3rd party apps yet. I tried WP for six months and clearly never went back to it. Apps were still lacking and I don't care for Microsoft's ecosystem.

    I like an open platform. Many of the launchers and even customized skins and exclusive apps/hardware capability can keep an Android phone fresh. Android just feels more practical and varied for me. But hey, who knows? I may like a dual phone with Android + Sailfish someday.
  7. sviato macrumors 68020


    Oct 27, 2010
    HR 9038 A
    Get Sailfish OS!

    Also what do you mean that the iPad can't save images on the web? Tap and hold the image and press Save Image
  8. Savor Suspended


    Jun 18, 2010
    I think for anyone going through some transitional phase with OSes or having some complacency should try them all. I went thru iOS, webOS, Android, WP within 3 months at one point. I really loved webOS but the hardware was just terrible and too many reboots that I had to schedule shutting it down daily like with the old BlackBerry OS5.

    But after awhile of trying to use 4-5 different phones concurrently and with different OSes, I decided to simplify it and stick to one OS. Having too many damn phones starts to become overkill and even a bit confusing and a hassle. Android was at the bottom of the barrel for me back in late-2011. But I still learn new things from it every month. It may not be the prettiest or smoothest OS during its early years, but it always had more depth.

    I'm on my 3rd Android phone right now. After two diff gens of iPhones, I got bored with it. After one WP, I didn't really miss it after it was stolen from me almost 20 months ago. I think Apple makes better products than Google, but I still prefer Google services. I decided to stick to Google over Apple or Microsoft. And I don't see myself switching to a different mobile platform for the rest of the decade. I will eventually be a long time user of Android the way I've been a long time user for many of Google services like Google Search, GMail, YouTube, and Maps. And my Google Voice # is a number that sticks with me until the day I die. Talkatone is just great on my Android and has clearer reception than Viber.

    Google user for life. Android user for life too.
  9. .Andy macrumors 68030


    Jul 18, 2004
    The Mergui Archipelago
    Have you found people slowly edge away if you bring up this topic in real life?
  10. Septembersrain macrumors 68040


    Dec 14, 2013
    I'm sorry but I busted out laughing harder than I should of here. Being a tech geek who's owned more than my fair share of phones, I can relate. I'm always getting those weird stares and odd silence.
  11. r0k macrumors 68040


    Mar 3, 2008
    I was in Microcenter this past week, picking up one of those $39 Android tablets. I'm buying it for a friend who is not computer literate. There were 3 factors that led me to buy it, despite my use of iOS as my main platform.

    1) No need for her to log in to "buy" free apps.

    2) I can remotely add apps for her from google play. I cannot buy something on a desktop and have it 'just show up' on an iOS device that I know of. Perhaps this is do-able with iTunes but I prefer to never ever see iTunes whether on one of my Macs or on Windows. iTunes radio might one day change that for me but so far it has not.

    3) At $39, it costs less than a dumb phone on a PAYG carrier but has capacitive touchscreen, google play store, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage which I instantly upgraded to 20GB for $8. $8. Not $100. $8. I don't resent Apple making a profit. I do resent them charging 15 times the market rate for flash memory.

    So people were in line to pick these things up asking if it had google play on it and for them this was the mark of authenticity. But think about that a second. You can buy these "Android" tablets in Big Lots and Microcenter for 50 bucks and they have Google and Android plastered all over them. Many of them have crap performance, crap battery life and some of them can't buy apps except through Amazon or some wacky third party app store nobody has ever heard of.

    I bought it because I knew exactly what I was getting. But this sort of brand dilution doesn't bode well for Google and Android in the future. Heck, even the Nexus brand is diluted. You can pick up a Nexus 7, 2012 or 2013 for about $150 and live with less RAM and storage than an Asus Memopad which costs $129. And Asus makes the Nexus 7 so why should I pay more again?

    Then there is the whole fragmentation landscape. Many of these devices are sold with the last OS they will ever get. Case in point: Samsung Galaxy Player 5. What a waste of money that thing was. I just didn't know better at the time. It's a dust collector on my desk right now and I'm tempted to simply wipe it and give it away. I'll pick up another one of these $40 tablets for my Android "tinkering".

    I don't j/b my iOS things, though I might j/b one of my "spare" older devices so I can run wifi analyzer without having to carry an Android device around.

    I'm posting in this thread not because I'm an Android user going back to iOS. I'm an iOS user who dabbles in Android and I see some icebergs in Android's path that are brought on by the lack of control Google has over its ecocystem and devices.

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