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    Hello everyone,

    Our second Heppi App Bo's Dinnertime is now available in the App Store (also for Android and Kindle Fire BTW).
    Our first App Bo's Bedtime Story has recently won the prestigious Dutch Media Ukkie (Toddler) Award 2012 for the Best App, so we are anxious to hear what you think of Bo's Dinnertime.

    Are mealtimes in your home sometimes a source of conflict rather than fun? If so, then Bo’s Dinnertime is an app for you. Bo, the colorful, cheerful giraffe, will help your child to learn about all the routines of a meal, from shopping through cooking and enjoying delicious food to washing up.

    App Description:
    There are 10 scenes in the story, each exploring a step in the sequence of a complete meal. Help Bo to buy the groceries and pack them in the cupboard, recognizing and matching shapes as you go. Next learn to sort ingredients as you cook, complete a jigsaw to fix the broken tablecloth, then lay the table and practice counting as you serve the food. Learn good manners with Bo as he eats with a knife and fork, encourages you to wipe your fingers on a napkin and apologizes if he burps. Finally have fun cleaning a messy table, remembering to pop some bubbles as you wash the dirty dishes.

    Navigation around the app is very simple with Bo providing prompts. There are hidden sounds to activate on each page and Bo’s song ‘Hey, hello, my name is Bo’ to discover. Each page can be repeated as many times as you wish, with different colors, numbers and shapes to investigate each time. The app ends with Bo’s new song, ‘Would you like to eat with Bo today?’ as every imaginable type of favorite food passes before your eyes.

    • imaginative storytelling;
    • sorting;
    • shape recognition and matching;
    • colors;
    • sequencing;
    • counting;
    • co-ordination;
    • listening skills;
    • developing a meal time routine;
    • good manners;
    • learning to help with chores
    Minimum Requirements:
    • iOS 4.3 or higher
    • iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
    • (Android 2.2 or higher)

    Promo video:

    iTunes Link:

    Hope to hear from you if you have any comments,


    Esther Naalden

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