bose in-ears or QC2s?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by nmamur, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. nmamur macrumors member

    Sep 8, 2006
    new york
    im extremely torn about what i should do about headphones!
    are quiet comfort 2s (not 3s...they look too fragile for $350) worth 300...if not, are the new in-ears any good?
    too many people in NY have the white earbuds...its annoying...time too change.

    NOTE:i hate that the apple in-ears keep falling hoping the bose ones dont...
  2. psychofreak Retired


    May 16, 2006
    I don't know about others, but shure's headphones are great, check 'em out.
  3. DakotaGuy macrumors 68040


    Jan 14, 2002
    South Dakota, USA
    I just sold a pair of Bose QC2's on eBay. They are great for flying or for any situation where you want noise reduction. I never used them enough to justify having expensive headphones.

    I also would say although sound quality is good, noise reduction is their main strength.

    Have you considered the new Bose OE "On Ear" model? I tried on a set in BestBuy when I got my new IE's and they sound excellent and seem quite comfortable. Also, they come with a nice case and are quite a bit less expensive then the noise reduction models.

    As far as a review of the Bose IE's "In-ears" I really like them. They are WAY more comfortable then the Apple earbuds and have much better bass response. They are kind of a hybrid design of sorts. They have silcon tips that can be changed out like the "in-canal" designs, but they actually sit in the bowl of the ear like the Apple ear buds do. The difference is the Bose lets you change the size to fit your ear and instead of hard plastic they are made of soft silicon. I must have big ears because I have to use the large tips, but they stay put. I can shake my head all over and they do not fall out like the Apple ones did. Also, they don't cause "pressure points" like the standard earbuds do.

    They sound good. Not as good as an over the ear or even on ear headphone would, but very good for an earbud. The bass is excellent. Almost too much bass at times. You have to adjust your equalizer a little bit to get the sound you want, but once you get them tuned to your taste they sound nice. If you want an good quality ear-bud for $99 they are probably one of your better choices. They also come with a real nifty case to store them in. There are probably better choices, however I have also noticed prices can get a little crazy for earbuds when you start getting into the high end stuff.

    It depends on how you want to use them. If you are sitting around a lot you might be better off with a real set of headphones. If you want to be more active with your music listening then the IE's are a good choice.
  4. wasd macrumors member

    Feb 19, 2006
    I've heard many reviewers saying that the in ear phones from bose are really bassy. So if you like bass go for it. I love bose products.

  5. xPismo macrumors 6502a


    Nov 21, 2005
    "No highs, no lows? Its must be a BOSE."

    I'd look at companies that specialise in IEM's before dropping $300. is one of my favorite places to read up. You could get my combo of Grado SR-80's for the edit studio and Ultimate Ears 3's for on the go for less that what you plan on paying for mid grade bose gear. :cool:
  6. Jay42 macrumors 65816


    Jul 14, 2005
    I would have to vote for neither.

    I have Sure EC2's which I bought on recommendation from my audiophile friend. They're very good for high quality sound on the go. They also filter a good amount of street noise in the city so I don't have to turn up my iPod as far.

    I would also reccomend Grado SR-80's for the best bang-for-your-buck on-the-ear (supra-aural) headphones, unless you absolutely need to keep the sound in/out. They do leak a little bit, but sound fantastic. I am constantly noticing new nuances in my music with these cans. Not good for the plane though, and a little delicate-best to be left at home or studio.
  7. princealfie macrumors 68030


    Mar 7, 2006
    Salt Lake City UT
    Bose sucks!

    Again BOSE = Broke On Stuffy Ears.

    Consider Ultimate Ears or Grados or even Sennheisers!
  8. xPismo macrumors 6502a


    Nov 21, 2005
    Neat to see the same companies coming up again and again. I love my UE's but Sure has a great reputation too. SR-80's are such the giant killer, I'm glad you like them as much as I do. :D

    Another great bit of ufi: they are still being made by the orignial family in the same basement in the USA. How cool is that? You can find interviews with him on head-fi and such - its a great read to understand the mind of a pro headphone maker.

    nmamur, what did / did you decide yet?

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