Bose QC3 vs Sony MDR7506

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by iBuzzy, Dec 2, 2013.

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    I don't consider myself an audiophile just yet but I'm getting there ;)

    I was going to buy the Sony but right before I did, my dad said "Wait, I have a pair of old headphones you can use." They were the Bose QC3 and they now belong to me. I've had them for a few months now and they've been good but the battery is annoying, as is the noise cancelling because I can't hear anyone when they call me. I was wondering if I'll notice an improvement in sound quality with the Sony, because I found a place selling them for only $50, when they are normally around $100. Obviously they don't have a battery and aren't noise cancelling. I would use the headphones to listen to all genres of music, mostly rock.

    Thanks for your advice!
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    Jan 9, 2012
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    The MDR7506s are standards in professional studios all over the world, so you can't really go wrong with them, especially at $50! I like them, but I find that they can be fatiguing because it's a little treble-heavy.
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    Could you post a link to the place that has them for $50?

    They are good and the standard for field recording engineers. The QC3 is good if you need the sound cancelation, that can't be beat for that. Use them on airplanes and at the gym for for home use the Sony is very good of that price.

    You will find there is no "best" headphone only a best match to your needs. if your needs vary it's reasonable to have several. There are a few "standard" headphones people should have the 7506, and AKG240 and maybe the Bose, for use on planes and other noisy places.

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