Bought 6 Plus fo full price on; AT&T saying I renewed my contract.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mattcube64, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. mattcube64 macrumors 65816


    May 21, 2006
    Hi all! I preordered a 6 plus ATT 64gb for full price from, and it arrived on the 19th. Prior to purchasing, it said no contract was added; but after submitting, it said "2 year contract" in my order details.

    My early upgrade wasn't until later in the month, and my "full subsidy" wasn't available till this time next year. Thus I paid all $849 + tax. So be it.

    But now my contract says its expired two years from the 19th, and my full subsidy was pushed till this time 2016!

    This happen to anyone else?

    I called AT&T and they were worthless. Even after escalation, they just kept saying I signed up for a two year contract. What?

    I mean, I can just return the phone and buy another at the Apple Store that's off contract AND unlocked. And if they don't have a plus, I can buy a regular, use if for 14 days, and try an exchange again for a Plus. What a silly song and dance...
  2. johnnyapples33d macrumors member

    Sep 24, 2013
    I would return to Apple Store and buy it again on the spot full price no contract.:cool:
  3. CaptMarvel macrumors 65816


    Sep 20, 2014
    North Carolina
    Either return to Apple, or go in a physical AT&T store..that's always better than getting the runaround over the phone.
  4. Sketchr macrumors 6502a

    Jun 15, 2009
    How did you order an att iphone 6+ at full price on

    I saw no option for that at pre-order and I don't see one now.
  5. BrettDS macrumors 65816

    Nov 14, 2012
    Because he wasn't eligible for a regular or early upgrade. If you're eligible for an upgrade of any type then that's the price it offers you. If you aren't eligible for an upgrade, then you can pay full price for one (and apparently still get a two year contract thrown in for free) ;)
  6. Sketchr macrumors 6502a

    Jun 15, 2009
    Ok, then that's not good. I am eligible for a new one on another line, but I want to pay full price. Apple store doesn't seem to allow it. And carrier stores are out of stock.

    Does Apple store or ever allow full price option if you qualify for an upgrade? Can't they just take my money?
  7. BrettDS macrumors 65816

    Nov 14, 2012
    Honestly your best bet there is just to go with a NEXT upgrade. The NEXT program is a terrible deal if you actually use it to upgrade your phone in 12 months, but taken alone, it's simply a way to finance the phone at 0% interest, plus you can pay it off at any time. There are no additional charges or fees associated with it either (when you do an upgrade there's a $40 upgrade charge, but the NEXT program doesn't have that charge). The NEXT program also doesn't extend your contract.

    So just do the NEXT upgrade at or at an apple store and enjoy the 0% interest if you want, or just call ATT and pay the phone off in full. It's still a bit less convenient then just buying the device outright, but it won't cost you anything extra.
  8. stract macrumors member

    Sep 13, 2013
    Physically go to the Apple Store. They will sell you the phone device only. When I bought mine, the dude had three choices on his screen, 2-yr contract, NEXT, and Device Only. He selected Device Only and I paid, then activated and requested the unlock from AT&T 5 minutes later (my old contract expired on the 14th), which was approved about a minute after that.

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