Bought a Touchpad - The Walkthrough Guidebook

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    Just bought you a firesale Touchpad. WebOS foreign to you. Let's make things easy and post tips, tricks and links to aid each other, since those that ordered Touchpad's will have just arrived or will be arriving shortly:

    First thing... update, speed up and app-ify that Touchpad:

    Update to WebOS 3.0.2 68, if it's not already. Info on this OTA update:

    Overclock and speed up:

    Preware Install for apps and patches ~ Highly recommend you do this on a Windows Machine:

    Load a few of these apps/patches to aid in speeding up the TP:
    1. Faster Card Animations Hyper Version
    2. Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness
    3. Muffle System Logging
    4. Remove Dropped Packet Logging
    5. Unthrottle Download Manager

    Load video onto your TP using a Mac:
    Link here and scroll down to post #4:

    Trouble turning your TP on, does it appear dead, won't respond?

    Fix it by holding the power button and the home button until the tablet resets - just like with an iPad. This is assuming your TP didn't arrive to you with a dead battery... in which case, plug it in.

    Spaz HD is a twitter client
    Glimpse - Use 3 windows at once - $5

    Oh yeah, last thing... yes there is some light bleed issues! Mine included. :D
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    Guys really? Take this to a Touchpad forum. Last time I checked this was an iPad sub forum.
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    just don't enter the thread and you won't have a problem.

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