Bought an iPhone 4 second hand

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    Nov 4, 2013
    I traded an old cracked iPod and an iPhone 4 to a guy on our local "craigslist" for a 4s. He didn't remove the device from his iTunes account. The phone said No SIM and so I added my SIM and began my activation and the device told me to plug it into my Mac, so I did so. But I'm guessing it remains that this device can't be activated unless he answers my calls and removes the device from his itunes account?

    Anyone know any loops around this so I can get my contacts and messaging addiction going again haha? Or should I just grab another phone?

    IMO apple should deactivate other devices on the account until the owner of the account acknowledges that he or she has sold a device without deactivating the device on their account. I believe they could make a quick and easy way to get around these things so second hand buyers have a much easier way of gaining access to their "new" device.

    Security seems unreal on all these new phones. But if I get another device right away I'm gonna try to stay away from the whole theft protection applications provided and if I lose my iPhone, well let's just say I obviously made a big mistake.:mad::mad::mad:
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    Apr 30, 2012
    which carrier is this phone on?

    sounds like the phone is either ios 7 activation locked (he never logged out of his icloud/apple ID or if its a CDMA phone, he still owes money on the account and the carrier cant release his MEID/ESN to allow it to be activated on your account.

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