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May 12, 2010
I noticed that this model is for Asia pacific, would like to know is will it work for me; I plan on using it with t-mobile USA with a pay as you go plan.

I am in the USA.

or is this a goof? do I need to trade it or get a different one?


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Aug 31, 2011
Sounds like questions even Google could have tried to answer before the purchase.


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Feb 4, 2009
Upstate NY
The iPhone 5S A1530 supports the following:

Model A1530*: UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); FDD-LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20); TD-LTE (Bands 38, 39, 40)

I googled it in about 15 seconds...

Anyways its perfect for Europe AND Asia but in the US Its not going to work great with LTE. It supports Band 2 LTE which T-Mobile is expanding on outside metro areas but you really need band 4 as well for proper HSPA+ and LTE. Did you buy from someone out of Europe or Asia? They likely don't understand the difference in LTE frequency bands anymore than you do...I would try and cancel.
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