Bought my MBP off eBay, can I do this?


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Aug 13, 2007
So like the title says I bought my mbp (the one in my sig) off of eBay for 2000 USD which is awesome from a guy who gets them directly from apple. It was still in the box that apple uses to ship, still factory sealed. I also got an apple care protection plan off eBay for much cheaper too. As soon as I booted it up it registered my mac, and the purchase date according to apple is the day I received it and registered. I registered and linked my applecare right away as well and it was accepted and is now listed as linked to my mac. (when I go to apple's site and type my serial number in to find out my warranty coverage it says ny purchase date and that I am covered under applecare protection plan.)

So after all that, I ended up getting a yellow screen. :( (and my spacebar is squeeky, anyone else?) So what can I do? I live in Canada, got it shipped from US (global warranty makes me happy) and so there are 3 or 4 apple stores in Canada, the closest one being 1200 km away from me. I do have like 15 authorized mac stores in my city however so here is my question. Can I walk into my mac dealer and get a replacement with no receipt or say my ebay/paypal receipt? I think they are shipping me my applecare certificate in the mail so I don't have that yet. Can they look up my serial number and know I have applecare? (not that it matters right cuz it's a santa rosa which none are more than a year old, right?)

Second question is what happens to my applecare if I get a replacement as it's linked to the serial number of the mbp I'm on right now, do they automatically switch the applecare over to a new MBP for me if they decide to replace it? (can they even repair it or will they just get me a new one?)

Someone help! I need a definitive answer on this before I attempt to go in as I work out of town and long hours, and it's gonna be hard to get in in store hours except for my days off like today! (after I finished typing this I started getting really angry at my squeeky spacebar.

Thanks for all your help guys!


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Mar 8, 2007
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just call Apple, tell them the problem, give them the serial number. They will see the the applecare registration, and likely mail you a box into which you can place the MBP for return to Apple and repair. Shipping should be free.


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Jul 21, 2002
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I can't speak with absolute authority on this, but here goes!

I'm pretty sure the only person in this instance who can replace a defective machine is the eBay seller you originally purchased it from. Other than that, Apple themselves might be able to (I don't know if Apple has any retail stores in Canada though). A straight replacement is usually only easily possible in the first 14 days, so get onto the eBay seller ASAP. As for your AppleCare, in the case of replacements I think your warranty resets to the replacement date. If it ends up being a repair job, however, the warranty doesn't reset (but the parts get their own 90 day warranty, as I understand it).

Hope this helps :)


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Feb 16, 2006
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Everytime I've had to get my MacBook serviced I've gone to authorized reseller and repair centres. I haven't had to bring in my internet receipt or anything (nor did I think to do that at the time either). Instead, they punch in my MacBooks serial into their database which is connected to Apple's database and they can see that it's under Apple Care and are thus able to perform any repairs on it that it needs. I would recommend going to the authorized repair and reseller closest to you. If that doesn't work you can always call up Apple since it's still under warranty by them. I don't think the eBay seller has to do anything in this instance since it's already been covered by you with AppleCare and it shows up on Apples website as such.