Bought Season Pass, what if series is cancelled?

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    I love the new series from CBS, Life in Pieces. So far there's been four episodes aired/downloaded.

    I have no idea when the next episode will air since it got bumped this Monday with Super Girl premiering.

    I usually wait more patient, wait for it to go on sale. I usually just buy episodes I like but I went ahead with the season pass.

    My question is what happens if CBS, crossing my fingers here that they don't but if they do end up cancelling. Do I get some of my money back?
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    In the iTunes store terms, it says this:

    "If a network or studio delivers fewer TV episodes than planned when you purchased a Season Pass, we will credit to your Account the retail value of the corresponding number of episodes."

    Of course, it's not always clear in advanced how many episodes the studio "planned". In one similar situation (when the final season of Breaking Bad was split into two "half seasons" after the season pass became available) they did issue a refund, but only after some protests.
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    The show was always going to move to Thursdays after CBS's run of Thursday night Football was done. It will be back on Thursday, Nov 4 after Big Bang Theory (Which always moves back to Thursday's after football)
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