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Jun 13, 2014
Hi, im new to the forum and created this account simply because i need A LOT of help with this and don't think that the genius bar would do much more than try to get me to buy unnecessary things.

ANYWAY. Ive been interested in MBPs and decided to buy a used MD313 (late 2011) macbook pro 13" from an amazon third-party seller for roughly $560, the body was in great condition and the seller said that the only issue was that it needed to be plugged into the adapter in order to function. So i thought that all i would need to do is buy a new battery for it... so i did. and to my surprise the MBP still didnt recognize the battery and said that i didnt have one installed (and before you ask, both the old and new battery are good brand-name batteries and were rated very well). Soooo i did some research and some people suggested resetting the Pram and the SMC. i did both... multiple times... and somewhere along the way my power button and many of my keys on my keyboard stopped working altogether.. so my macbook refuses to even power up or even allow me to reset my SMC. the ONLY way i can get my computer to power up is if i disconnect the battery and reconnect it and re-plugging in the wall adapter so it automatically powers on. If thats not bad enough, my hard drive shows the apple logo and has a progress bar that takes roughly 15 minutes to load and at the end of the loading my macbook just shuts off.....

Any ideas?.......


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Jan 8, 2010
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If the battery is good its likely an internal component is damaged which in that case needs to be fixed by a professional. The Genius bar does not upsell. They don't get paid on commission and would be your best bet. If you really don't trust an Apple Retail Store you could go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
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