Bouncing email with no "new mail" sound?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by adriantoll, May 17, 2006.

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    A friend of mine (no, really, she's getting unwanted emails from an ex-boyfriend) wants to block email from a particular address, and for the sender to get a message that their email is being blocked, but without having to do anything with each email or even knowing that they've sent an email.

    I know that in mac os x mail rules, you can set up autoreplies with a message (saying something like "emails to this account from have been blocked") but mail still plays the "new mail" sound each time, which means that she'll look each time he sends her one. There's also the moment's confusion when she hears the sound but sees no email...

    Is there a way of doing this without the "new mail" sound? She's using a .mac account, but I can't see any way of rejecting mail from there.
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    Well you can setup rules that the Mail program will follow when new mail is received. Example, you get email from and have Mail immediately delete it. Or have Mail redirect the email back to and then delete it.

    In preferences go to Rules and setting up new rules is very simple. Otherwise the best way to go about it is to "Bounce" the new mail. Bouncing gives the impression that the sent mail was sent to an address that no longer exists and therefore leaves the impression that it is not worth doing. Although I don't know how to automate that process yet.

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