'Boundless' Launches for iOS, Offers Free Alternatives to Assigned Textbooks

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    Boston-based company Boundless Learning has launched an app for iOS devices that enables users to look for alternative electronic versions of curriculum assigned textbooks. The app includes features such as offline browsing and cross-platform integration with desktop computers, as well as other features such as in line search and in app purchases that offer interactive study material to accompany content within the app.

    Currently, Boundless offers books and study materials for over 20 different subjects, with the company stating that more will be added in the future. Boundless originally began as a startup and gained attention for raising $8 million in Series A funding. However, the company was also sued for alleged copyright infringement by other textbook publishers such as Pearson Education and Worth Publishing Group.

    Boundless can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: 'Boundless' Launches for iOS, Offers Free Alternatives to Assigned Textbooks
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    I really hope this project gains traction. I would love to watch the greedy textbook industry/monopoly collapse within my lifetime.

    Spending $300+ or more on a textbook you only use for a few weeks is robbery. Textbook renting is digging into these company's profits but I hope Boundless (or a similar effort) puts the final nail in the coffin.
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    this add confused me

    How is 19.99 the same as free?
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    Aug 18, 2013
    Students can't afford to regret not choosing to use their Professor's Textbook choice

    __I expect Students understand this is much more than a price-point issue. First year College & University Students can't afford to regret not choosing to use their Professor's Textbook choices. To avoid the regret of having made a poor decision, it's good advice to ask Students to review & compare Faculty recommended textbook options to judge the quality of materials for themselves, while considering that one places a high value on the quality of time invested in studying. Boundless website could help them with their decisions while supporting claims that "Boundless is better than your assigned textbook" by comparing screen-shots of all key pages from all Boundless Alternative Textbooks next to pages from the University's Assigned Textbooks.
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    E-Textbooks & Resources. Sounds like a win to me. Just wrapped up my classroom portion of college last semester and the more I could get on my iPad the happier I was. Bouncing between class and work with a bag full of books is not a fun task but an iPad and a few notebooks a lot more plausible.

    On top of that. Cheap! Better than spending 200 bucks on a single book in some cases or 300-400 dollars a semester on textbooks and other resources.
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    May 18, 2013
    i hate it when the app is free, but the all the essential stuff in it is being sold at a huge price. but i would say that the app is fantastic, better than anything i've seen before.

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