Boy, this iOS v4.2.1 update sucks... (Wi-Fi gone)

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    Ok. I've updated my iPhone4 and AppleTV2 to the latest update and I've had nothing but problems all day... with the iPhone!

    - With the new iOS, WI-FI is non-existant on 802.11n (2.4gHz... yes, I know). It was rather fast with iOS v4 but today's update killed it. Using the Speedtest app gave me a bandwidth measurement of 0.00 on both upload AND download. No, I'm not kidding. I also switched over to another Wi-Fi network and same crap. Another iPhone4 on iOS v4 has NO problem on same networks.

    - AirPlay from the iPhone4 to the AppleTV2 doesn't work. It's probably related to the lack of Wi-Fi on the iPhone4, so no surprise there.

    I'm "restoring from factory defaults" to troubleshoot this further. Does anyone know how to restore back to v4? Thanks.
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    May 4, 2005
    Ok. Restoring the iPhone4 to factory settings (nuked) and resyncing in iTunes seems to have done the job.

    My wi-fi seems to be running back to normal (8.33Mbps down, 0.69Mbps up).

    However, AirPlay from the iPhone4 to the AppleTV2 still doesn't work. If I'm lucky, I'll get 0.5 seconds of audio before it stops.

    This is not a final release, imho. There should have been more beta testing done.

    UPDATE: Nope! The slow Wi-Fi problem is still happening... when you power off/on the iPhone4. It was great when I restored it from scratch but as soon as I powered the phone off/on, Speedtest is now registering 0.00 on both DL/UL.

    This really sucks. I'm probably headed to the Apple Store tomorrow to have them fix it. Such a crap update.

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