Brainbending profile query in InDesign.

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by dogbone, Mar 2, 2006.

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    I have been supplied a cmyk tif with a SWOP 20% profile it is supposed to print as 100,70,5 and when opened in photoshop with its assigned profile it does indeed have those ink values.

    I place it in an InDesign doc that has a slightly different space (US SWOP) and when I sample the colour it is the correct ink percentages, but the swatch it creates looks too cyan compared to the colour of the tif.

    Is this the right way to deal with this, ie not to worry about the colour of the swatch and just trust the on screen display and the ink percentage readout, or should I convert to the SWOP profile to US SWOP in photoshop.

    I'm really puzzled why the swatch sampled from the tiff is more cyan than the sampled colour.
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    I am sure that you have all your color profiles for photoshop and indesign matched up.

    Beginning with CS, ID and PS share the same color engine, and you should expect pretty good color matching. However, On screen, ID is different no matter what I tried before...

    You just have to work with the printer and get draw downs, color proofs etc. You can tweak some of these problems on the press as well.

    I know you'd expect the same values to render the same way in all programs, but some variance is expected. I would never trust my monitor a 100%. Maybe 90%. If it's calibrated on a weekly basis with no ambient light. Being that I am not a mole, there is always some light around me and I just take the closest I can get. CMYK is especially inaccurate when going to plates. You almost always have to adjust from the proofs.

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