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    First thing to note, this is NOT a thread for impressions, thoughts or even rants and nags about iOS 5. You can do that elsewhere.

    I'm opening this new thread to simply make a unified list of all the bugs found in the OS. You can also post new ideas to make it even better. I'll try to keep this post updated with the new ideas/bugs that you all come up with. But let's try to keep Siri out of this, since it's still in Beta. And please, be as simple and as brief as possible.

    Since I'm not a registered developer, I won't be able to submit this feedback to Apple. So, if anyone would like to help out and submit them, it'll be good for all of us. [corrected by EvanLugh, I actually CAN submit feedback without being a developer]

    p.s. my ideas/bugs that I've thought of or encountered are not followed by nicknames. The rest is simply the responses I get in this thread. But it does not mean that those bugs are affecting everyone, or that I agree/disagree with the new ideas. I'm just summarizing them all in one place.


    - Preview icon of the last photo taken (bottom left in the Camera), does not get updated if the photo was deleted.
    - When playing music while the phone is locked, album arts rarely show. and once they do, and you skip a song, the music pauses for a second or two (the play/pause icon actually changes) and the album art disappears and reappears again.
    - Fix WiFi Sync. [TheSuperSteve]
    - Enhance performance for 4th gen. iPod touch [The SuperSteve]


    - Ability to lock folders with passwords. (and apps within those folders wouldn't show up in the multitasking bar)
    - Ability to merge folders (if their sum of Apps is lower than 12)
    - Tiny small icon in the status bar to let us know we have notifications (maybe a number or just a small flashing star)
    - Improve iMessage group chats. (this has a LOT to be worked on)
    - Once we clear all missed calls from Notification Center (NC), the red badges on the phone should automatically disappear. (or any other app)
    - Ability to clear all notifications with one tap. (or maybe tap and hold just one of the "x" and it'll clear them all).
    - Ability to close all apps in the multitasking bar. (same idea, just tap and hold one of the "-" and it'll clear them all).
    - Bring back the arrows to browse through photos.
    - Now you can tap and hold on a song/album, and you'll get a popup with basically the same info you're seeing. It should have different info (year, genre, rating, etc)
    - Swipe up from the bottom of the phone to reveal the multitasking bar. [r2shyyou]
    - Settings widget in NC. [Thetonyk123]
    - 3rd party widgets in NC. [Onewa80]
    - Ability to place more apps inside folders. [The SuperSteve]
    - Include Apple apps in the iPad (Clock, Calculator, Weather, Voice Memos, Stocks and Compass). [The SuperSteve]
    - Ability to turn off tabbed browsing on the iPad. [The SuperSteve]
    - Ability to start and stop movies in the photos app by just tapping the screen. [BFG86]
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    Swipe up from the bottom of the phone to reveal the multitasking bar.
  3. Thetonyk123 macrumors 68000


    Aug 14, 2011
  4. EvanLugh macrumors 68000


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    Developer land
  5. Onewa80 macrumors newbie

    Jun 19, 2011
    Aww, you stole mine.

    Notification center improvements(Add your own widgets to the top, perhaps?).
  6. TheSuperSteve macrumors 6502

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    Expand Siri's abilities to allow you to send tweets and launch apps. I already see this coming soon. If you ask Siri to send a tweet, she says she cant help you with Twitter. So she already knows what Twitter is and what tweets are.

    Fix Wifi Sync, for gods sake. Yes, i know it works for a lot of you, but it also doesn't work for a lot of us. A clean reinstall of Windows and a fresh restore of my iOS devices did nothing. I don't have a router or a firewall.

    Enhance performance for iPod touch fourth-generation. Its still a bit sluggish after a bit of use. They're still selling it as new so they have to ensure new customers get a good experience. So i imagine that they'll make more improvements.

    The Ability to place more apps inside folders. Maybe the folder animation would open up completely to allow for 20 apps on the screen. Then you press the home button or swipe from a tab on the bottom or something to close.
    The problem with this is that if they allow more apps into folders, they'll have to do the same with the iPad and OS X computers.

    Allow iPod touch and iPad to send SMS messages if you own an iPhone. Right now iMessage is useless for me as i dont know anyone with iOS 5 because of stupid jailbreaking. I would like it so it receives the messages on my iPhone but then my iPhone converts it into an iMessage so my iPad and iPod can read it. Then vise versa so they can send. This would be much much more useful than the current Blackberry messenger wannabe.

    The ability to ask Siri to create a reminder on a certain list. She'll always place all reminders in the "Reminders" list. Which is kind of annoying.

    Clock, Calculator, Weather, Voice Memos, Stocks and Compass apps for the iPad. And Stocks and Weather widgets as well. Seriously. I see no reason why the iPad shouldn't have this.

    The ability to turn off tabbed browsing on the iPad and return to the old way of doing it. I dont like tabbed browsing and my only reason was that the old way of doing it was prettier. Yes, that's my reason and i'm sticking to it. :/

    I dont have a Mac so i cant say wether this is needed or not. But i would like to see a dedicated reminders app for it. As well as an app for it on Yes, i can read them on the Calendar but its just not the same. Its harder to view them and organize them that way.

    I cant think of anything else. XD
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    loving all your ideas! hopefully Apple will actually listen to us and implement some of these...
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    Yes very annoying that you're forced to swipe photos. Want the arrows back.

    You also used to be able to start and stop movies in the photos app by just tapping the screen. Now theres just a button on the bottom
  9. Miss Nerdy macrumors newbie

    Oct 13, 2011
    Photo stream

    Being able to change the time before the photos are deleted/ how many photos can fit (Only a few are actually going to take 1,000+ photos. Do you know how long that would take to sort through them all in the way that Apple intended?!!) XD just decided to toss that in.

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