Brand New iPhone 3G: The Replacement Woes

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by techdude13, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Well, I finally am getting a brand new iPhone 3G direct from the factory in Shenzhen, CN. How did I get here?

    Well, lets just say, it was a long road to travel, and a very hefty phone bill, at that. Here we go:

    I bought the phone 8GB Model on about September 14th and I got it through AT&T. BIG MISTAKE (In my case). Anyways, I loved the thing, got it activated, and went home as happy as could be. About a week passes and I notce a SKIN FLAKE under the glass, between the screen and the glass istelf. I was flabergasted. After investigation, I also found there was also a dead pixel and 3 other large dust particles between the screen and the glass. So, I brought it to the Apple Store 2 days later.

    At the Apple Store, I exchange it (small world, the genius was the big brother of a senior at my school). So he replaced it and then it had the same problem but worse, so they exchanged it again for another refurbished phone (An AppleCare Rep. on the phone who was really nice, told me how to read the serial numbers to tell if it is refurb. 5K in the beginning of the serial number means its been owned and refurbished.)

    So, two days later, the same exact problem occured! Plus this one the plastic back was messed up and the screen had a bit of light leak on the left. Also, with the dust being so small, it was a little harder to see. As well, the glass was popped up near the location of the camera a little, and the speaker screen was all cock-eyed like someone put it back in wrong. So I brought it back again.

    This time, the "genius" I waited 30 minutes for, didn't see a thing. He said he couldn't do anything. I said I was going to cancel my service then if we didn't get a new phone because this is the third one I am on and the same problem, and then he was like "I don't care if you cancel your service. it doesn't bother me." I responded in a sense of, "Woah mister. Did you just say you didn't care about a customer?" (In my mind). So I said I wanted to see his manager, and he obliged. The manager was a little mean at first,a dn i showed him my phone. He sort of nodded he head in acknowledgment of the dust, and he said they could replace it with a service phone only. As well, he explained I can't get a new one out of box because I didn't buy it at the Apple Store. If I had, they could have refunded the money for the phone, and then I could have "rebought" another one.

    So, I open it up and same thing yet again. This time a bit bigger, but only when the screen was on. A lot of light leak was also present between the silver bezel and the screen, and same problem with the speaker screen. I said it was good, and went home to immediately call Apple.

    I attempted to go to the guy I had originally called to get an advance exchange earlier that week, but I instead opted to go for regular. So I called back and set up a repair. Then last Sunday (Sept. 28), I called and asked a different guy if he could get me a new one and exaplained my story. He put me on hold, and two minutes later he said it was being "elevated to the parts department." Once I was transfered, i actually shouted, "YES!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE HIGHER THAN NORMAL APPLECARE!!!" (Even though I don't have an AppleCare Protection Plan). So I get a really nice young guy, really funny and really understood me, and felt very bad for the fact that I had to go through 4 phones before I got someone to help me correctly. He told me he would research it and call me back. He gave me his direct number and extension, and I gave him mine.

    20 minutes later I get the call. He said either: 1) I could get a customer replacement, a longer process, that would invlolve me signing some legal documents, faxing them, and then waiting for them to be processed and then confirm my info and a new one would be sent. Or, 2) I could get an advance exchange, but this would require me to put $399.99 on my debit card on hold, and also it wouldn't have the accessories (full box). So, I obvviously opted for the "Customer Replacement," for my piece of mind in knowing I am getting a good phone.

    So, long story short, they emailed me back, my mom faxed the documents and the phone was being prepared on the 1st. Then, it was prepared for shipment the morning of Oct 2nd. Then, today I come to realize it shipped last evening, rather than the night before, when it was ready much earlier than Apple's normal shipping time from their factory in China. That ramp worker must have been really bad. Anyways, as I type this it is currently making its way through the UPS Sort Ramp in Anchorage, AK. Just like my iPod Touch did just about a year ago! Now my iPhone can see the journey its little cousin took :D!

    I also looked up what plane was flying from Hong Kong to AK through a great website (you can use this for EVERYTHING.) And my iPhone is on a 747 (I LOVE 747s, and I cant beleive my iPHONE HAS BEEN ON ONE AND ME, Mr. AVIATION BUFF< HASNT!):apple:

    None the less, the phone will leave there in about an hour, and then it will make its way to Louisville, KY, and then to Henrietta, NY (Where I know a district manager, with whom I will be speaking to because I can't sign for it on Monday). Yes, I said Monday.

    If Apple hadn't processed it like idiots I would have gotten it today, but, oh well. I will include the links to the flights and the tracking info, just so you can see the progression.

    NOTE: This is not in any way to put a hate mail on Apple. I actually kind of like the company and its products, some more than others. This goes for their practices too, but I am not trying to negatively affect Apple. This was to explain my story and get your reactions for what you would have done.

    Here are the links:

    UPS Flight from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska: UPS63

    UPS Flight(s) from Anchorage, Alaska to Louisville, KY (UPS HQ): UPS61 UPS81

    Tracking Information: iShip (Most Up-To-The-Minute)

    So, please post your comments below! Include your thoughts, reactions, views on Apple if you wish, suggestions to both future problems or how I could have handled the situation, and also on how you like the iPhone 3G.:apple:

    Thanks for reading!

    See you next time,

    TechDude15 (John A.)
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    Sep 14, 2008

    You really persevered to do all that. Because of all this stupidity with iPhones and repairs, I don't have one:p.
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    Well, I didn't mind. Seeing as I liked to have the device, and plus I like to give companies a chance. However, if THIS phone has the same problem, either they give me some stuff for free along with another new phone, or I am not going to continue my service with AT&T. I still have enough time to cancel, so I am good.

    Anyways, almost every single representative said they hadn't heard about this, but the one normal AppleCare tech I got actually went and asked other Reps, and one said he got an internal email noting this problem.

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    normally i read these threads expecting to yell at the person for wasting time, replacement phones, and Apple's patience for replacements because of things like "sleep/wake is uneven on one side" (anyone who has had this problem and reads this, I have too, and guess what? IT SHIFTS OVER TIME!! Mine is back to normal on its own already. If something like this affects your experience, you have bigger problems than a bad iPhone) and making it so that the people with real issues can't get replacements immediately

    but after reading your post, I've decided that every one of your problems was legit. Your one of the people I try to protect by telling the spontaneous perfectionist replacers that they're being ridiculous

    I feel your frustration, and I'm very happy that you've finally resolved your problem
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    Rochester, NY

    I appreciate your support. I know, there was actually a lady next to me who's daughter was getting mad at the Genius because her MBP had a key that was just a TAD bit off. She said: "Don't worry about your dad getting mad. you are handling yourself well," (my dad got a little angry). "and you are having problems repeatedly, while my daughter wants to get angry over a simple cosmetic issue. Just follow through, I know things will work out for you."

    Turns out the daughter got the keyboard replaced, but I found that bit of wisdom quite nice.

    And I appreciate your response. That is what the Genius thought when i brought my phone in again. But you can tell he just didn't care because he plain flat out said "I don't care if you cancel your plan. It doesn't bother me."

    So. I don't know. But hopefully (I just got the new phone today. They actually shipped it for 20 dollars more than the already 60 intl. freight shipping price, just so I would get it this morning.) Ironic thing is, I actually saw that the unload scan was at 5 AM, JUST as the UPS guy knocked on my door. Talk about bells ringing!

    Thanks again


    (P.S. I am actually making a few youtube videos of my activation and such. Hopefully they will be better than some of the blury at home ones on the tube now. Will respond with the links in a new thread soon...)

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