Brand new Macbook isn't charging!! help!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by coffeeinthebin, Jun 19, 2010.

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    May 29, 2010
    So I bought the Macbook I was talking about on here, its a great computer but I have one big problem: its not charging!! Its the new 13 inch that came out a couple weeks ago, 10 hour battery. plugged it in yesterday, said it was fully charged, unplugged it again. it said 8:20 which isn't as good as 10 hours but isn't bad. Since then its fluctuated randomly like going from 3 hours to 7. now its steadily declining and at 30 minutes. I plug it in it turns green for a second and then turns orange and at the top displays how much time is left in the battery. when i plug it in it also actually says "not charging" i've done ONE full charge, it shouldn't be dead. tell me what should i do??!! and fast please :) thanks
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    May 29, 2010
    Okay well now I feel completely stupid and mac illiterate haha. everybody says these are the easiest operating systems to learn.. i was confused!?! I read through the manual quickly and after unplugging the charger it calculated how much battery and said 9:45. woow.. i need to read through the manual more!!
    On the brighter side of things... I love this computer!! it is SO much fun.. i've barely even been online because there's so much to do on the computer itself. i love how fast it turns on and off and how fast it wakes up when i put the top down. I've never had a computer like this! i've downloaded aim for iChat, Mozilla Firefox (safari is actually pretty fast though) and more photo booth effects. I haven't had anyone to chat with as none of my friends have a mac :( but i am going to get oovoo soon. I also tried cameroid and chatroulette but i liked photobooth and ichat better. chatroulette was working weird so i decided i didn't want to see some guy jacking off anyway haha. anyway this is probably the best thing i ever bought! definitely worth it. I spent 1280$ total. i got this macbook, iWork, and then the free iPod touch which i gave to my dad. we actually had to use my sisters college to get it in the store. i felt bad lying but i was glad to get the free ipod =)
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    Jun 18, 2010
    Glad to see you're enjoying the new Macbook :)

    They can be somewhat finicky at first, but give it time and it'll grow accustomed to you. Keep in mind that the number that it tells you for "charge or time remaining" is an estimate at best. Also, you should calibrate the battery when you first get it - see Apple's page on how to do this.
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