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    Apr 20, 2008
    Ok, so i took my dads ipod touch and went to jailbrake it using the ZiPhone software, that i learned about on Lifehacker. i open the software, quit itunes, the started the jailbreak later i found out we were supposed to quit the deamons. i did not do that. when i started the jailbreak, it went into diagnostic mode, code went down the screen and the image came up.Seemed completely normal. then, weirdly, probably because i didn't close the deamons, itunes popped up. I quickly closed it, but then the apple logo came up on the ipod and it seemed to go into diagnostic mode again, did the same thing, code went down the screen, seemed alright until it came up with a blank screen and the little type thingy. It doesn't respond to anything. So after clicking on the buttons and it not changing, i quit ZiPhone and tryed to open itunes. Nothing. So i disconnect the ipod. Nothing. Then i reconneced it, and got a whole bunch of text. Reading it, it seemed to start a usb "stack, but it cant, its "needs configuration".

    Help? I really am scared i turned my dads ipod into a brick!
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    Apr 20, 2008

    ok, its all good now. I hard reset it by holding home and power for awhile, it popped into recovery mode. Waited a couple minutes and it went to the ipod main menu. I wasnt sure if it was fully jailbroken, and i was concerned it might have been corrupt, so i restored it with iTunes and then jailbroke it again. I couldnt find how to clode the deamons, so i did it with iTunes colsed again. Once again, iTunes open when it went into recovery mode during the breaking process to say that you had to restore the iPod before using ti because of recovery mode. I closed iTunes, waited a minute and the jailbreak was complete! Perfect, now i can use apps, no bricks involved!

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