Bridge using 8 cores?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by agrayphoto, Jun 20, 2008.

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    So when I was considering buying a new workstation I debated whether I needed 4 or 8 cores. I am a photographer and work mostly in Bridge and Photoshop. After following this forum for a while I decided on the 8 even though the consensus was I probably didn't need it for my work. Today I was processing some RAW files and happened to have the floating CPU monitor open in activity monitor. The graph for all 8 processors was dancing like crazy. So I ran it again with the CPU history window opened and made a screen capture with Grab.

    The first is from making a web gallery from 44 RAW files. The second is processing jpegs from the same files. This indicates to me that Bridge is using all 8 processors. Am I wrong? Either way the machine is smoking fast and I am extremely happy with it.

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    Don't let people steer you from getting more cores. Snow Leopard (what a name) is gonna push to optimize for multiple cores and just about every software company out there knows there is a future in multi-core processing.

    Very sweet setup you got there i must admit
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