Bridged router setup - Buffalo with Airport Express.

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    We've got a laser printer that we're trying to share across the network - we've got a WZR-HP-G300NH that doesn't support wireless printing, so we hooked up our old AE, which we had the printer configured on previously. So, we could have two networks, one for internet, one for printing, but there's gotta be a more elegant way to do this.

    Currently, I can see the printer across the network, but it doesn't respond when it comes time to print; I know it's connecting via Bonjour, but I don't know if there's some port or protocol I need to open on the Buffalo router to make things work.

    We got rid of the useless build of DD-WRT that our router shipped with and are using the standard Buffalo firmware, since it actually supports NAS.

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    Feb 21, 2011
    I ran into this same problem yesterday setting up the same router with my HP OJ 7400. My solution came using the supplied DD-WRT firmware. I had to give the printer a static lease in the DHCP manager, which is under the Services>Services menu. After that, the Bonjour worked fine and the dreaded "busy" error message disappeared.

    Now, if I can just get my AE to work on the Buffalo network.
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    Well, I did that already, at least, i think I did. The printer recognizes its assigned IP address when we print a config sheet.

    Is it anything more complicated than this? (Pic below)

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