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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ajm222, Jun 13, 2016.

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    All of a sudden my phone's screen is very dim. When I turn off auto-brightness and make it as bright as the phone will allow, it's now only about as bright as it was at 50% before. This also seems to be messing with my battery. Apple Chat Support said the battery looked great but that there was something with the software that appeared off. They recommended restoring as new to see if that fixed the problem. That's obviously a huge inconvenience that I would rather avoid, and I'm worried about spending several hours trying to get the phone to work again if there are carrier activation issues. And the problem might come back once I then use an iCloud backup to get everything back on the phone.

    Anyone ever come across this problem? I guess I can try and recalibrate the sensors. I can't remember exactly when this started (very recently), but I did drop the phone from a small height yesterday and my glass screen protector slightly cracked. The phone's screen is perfectly fine and everything appears to work fine except for the brightness. And the auto-brightness seems to work, except that the max brightness is too dim.

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    Just back it up and restore it as a brand new device. The restore should only take about 10-15 minutes.

    See if the problem goes away. If it doesn't, you need it replaced. If not, restore it from your backup overnight so you're sleeping anyway while it's restoring for hours.

    When you wake up, see if the problem is back. If it is, it's a software issue and a new phone won't fix it anyway.
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    Only way to know is to do a restore to make sure it is not an app.

    Had you done something just before the brightness was cut in half?
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    Thanks. Not that I am aware of. No new apps or major changes. Only thing I could think of was the drop. I guess I can do the restore and see what happens. Looks like I have an icloud backup as of last night, so I guess I'm good to go. Hopefully it won't take too long.
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    so i guess i don't actually need to connect to itunes at all if i have an icloud backup, right?
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    Well it looks like a software issue I think. Seemed fixed when I erased everything. But my most recent iCloud backup reintroduced the problem. Looks like I have one other recent backup and I may redo the process and use that one from a few days ago as I don't recall having the issue then. Hopefully that works.
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    So the Saturday backup seems to be free of the weird brightness bug. No idea what happened but things seem back to normal with that backup. Strange. Thanks for all your help.

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