Bring on the 3rd party chargers.

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    I'm a little surprised at the charging cable. It may be magnetic and snap on effortlessly, but a wonky cable sticking out of the back of an otherwise very thoughtfully designed watch seems like an afterthought.

    If I lay the watch on a nightstand at night, I need yet another dangling cable, next to my lightning cable. And another outlet.

    And if I lay the watch on its side, crown side facing up, the charging cable will stick straight up, unless I want to lay the watch on the cable and have the cable running under the watch. Awkward.

    This thing is screaming for a nice little padded inductive charging tray/box, with a magnetic charge disk, mounted perpendicularly to the padded base, an oval support for the watchband, and lightning cable coming out of the back, out of the way.

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    Apparently, this is included with the  Watch Edition. According to David Pogue at least.

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