Brinked iPhone 5???

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    Jan 21, 2015
    Anyone with ANY information towards this issue would be appreciated! I read almost every forum online and they all run dry when it comes to a FULL solution...

    I have an iPhone 5 with water damage. I am not sure where the "damage" is coming from. The issue is the cell network shows 'Searching..' and the IMEI number is now missing from the 'About Phone' section. I thought maybe the Sim Reader was damaged due to the Searching but why would the IMEI be missing? Well, the problem is I went to do an update to IOS 8 from IOS 6 something and it failed to update and restore and its stuck on Itunes Connect and I did all the tricks to restore... DFU mode, I used programs to enter/exit recovery mode. Nothing will restore or update the phone. I read online its due to a bad Baseband IC chip? It was powered up and running before the attempt to update (minus the searching and missing IMEI that was after it got wet) but now it will not restore. Does anyone have any information toward this problem??? What is needed after installing a new IC chip?
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    Not what you might want to hear but sometimes it's just time to let them go to Apple heaven.

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