Broken 3g screen - replace gasket too?

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    So I finally broke my 3g screen, OK subconciously I wanted to but an iphone 4 but I didn't want to renew my contracts for crappy service. I see that I can replace the glass on my 3G for about $19 at Zeetron - seems simple enough - I'm sure my LCD is fine as phone works ok.

    My question is will this part (just the glass listed above) include the gasket / rubber thingy that is between the glass and the chrome. I noticed that the gasket is damaged in a few places (before I dropped the bloody thing I noticed this) and it would be nice to replace the gasket too.

    See my photo below. I don't want to spring for the whole assembly $100 .. but it would be nice to replace the rubber gasket as I've got a few big pieces of gunk that are on my LCD (I'll remove then when I swap put the glass) but they obviously got their by my broken, compromised gasket!!

    So.... how can I replace the gasket ..... ??????

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    ok #1 do not buy from zeetron! they are bad sellers! most of the parts do not work. they lie and say they have apple parts but when you get it the tab will say APPIE or nothing at all. you cannot replace that gasket unless you get a new mid frame but even then I dont remember if its on there. I havent bought a frame in a long time. you can get adhesive that will go down the sides that will help but nothing will do it perfectly.
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