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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by dancks, Jun 15, 2012.

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    OK. This is my mom's computer, so IDK exactly what came with the computer, if there are disks somewhere, I assume no. Anyway, its 10.6.3, Apple no longer supports versions of XCode for 10.6 so I had to find another site. I don't remember where but I found one, it was binary. Installed nicely I think. I installed cmake and it tells me that the compiler is broken. So... what do I find another site or download another version... What do I do?
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    If you can find the original disks, Xcode is on them. Otherwise go to, sign up for the free developer program then download Xcode 3.2.6 for SL.
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    Apple may not support Xcode for 10.6, but they certainly still supply it.

    1. Sign up for a free developer acct.
    2. Login.
    3. Go to Developer Downloads
    4. Enter Xcode in the search box at left.
    5. Press return.
    6. The list of all versions of Xcode and Xcode supplements will appear.
    7. Choose the Xcode that runs on your version of Snow Leopard (last one for free dev accts will be 3.2.6).

    You can go all the way back to Xcode 1.0. Before that, it was Project Builder, which doesn't appear to be downloadable, but was distributed on the OS discs.

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