Broken connector on logic board...

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    Aug 23, 2010
    SO I pulled my phone apart to fix a non responsive home button after falling on it while it was in my pants. The glass luckly didn't break but when I pulled it apart I ripped the cables out of the #3 connector.
    I glued it back in and everything was peachy for a day. Then I realized I couldn't hear anything while making calls, So I pulled it back apart to glue that cable... its becoming a real cluster****.
    Well, while reassembling my phone went to a white screen. I tried unconnecting that first cable I glued and it just went downhill from there. I acetoned the CA glue I used and finally got it off but now the connector looks like **** and I can't get the screen to show ANYTHING. I used needle nose pliers on the cable trying to get it out. I'm really lost at this point....
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    Apr 16, 2010
    Answer: Send it in to a professional that knows what they're doing. I'm pretty tech savy and I would never tear into my $700 phone.
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    Aug 23, 2010
    You sir are very helpful, thank you for such an insightful post. I knew exactly what I was doing but neglected to remember opening the phone GENTLY. I read up on how to do it months ago in case and forgot to freshen up. It's my fault. I'm not blaming anyone. I simply asked how to fix it, not WHO should fix it.
    I've been fixing motherboards, laptops, tvs, lcd, plasmas, cars of every make and model THE RIGHT WAY and its been a long time since i've had a ****up, they happen. I'm dealing with it. And this phone is worth about 200 bucks now adays so... yeah. Thanks again.

    Guess I forgot to mention its a 3g 16g...

    Anyone else know if solder a new connector is feasable or soldering to the leads and then soldering to the cable(if the band can be spread into separate wires), I'm VERY good with a soldering iron. This is my first adventure with an iphone. I'm willing to take it to someone who will solder a new connector on but I can easily replace the logic board... I can hear the damn thing click when I take pictures and stuff like that so I know its not dead its just not showing any picture.

    Thanks fellas.

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