Broken glass repair price?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by globalist, May 20, 2019.

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    So I'm wondering if this is normal - the 2 biggest repair shops in my country (Slovakia) are asking the hefty price of 200EUR to repair a broken glass on my wife's Gen2 Apple Watch 38mm. Mind you, they will repair a broken iPhone glass for less than 80EUR. When asked about the ridiculous price difference, they could not explain it, just quoting the replacement part prices.

    What gives? Is this some sort of scam, or is this normal let's say in the US too? Thanks!
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    The Apple Watch in general is expensive to replace the parts, but in the U.S, they don’t physically repair the watch at the Apple store, they send a watch out to a repair depot to be repaired. Also, I would question if the repair shops in your country are using genuine Apple parts versus third-party, it’s something you can ask, because only Apple utilizes genuine Apple parts, third-party does not have access to Apple’s OEM parts.
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    Hmmm, still doesn't explain why a replacement Watch glass would be twice as expensive as that of an iPhone.
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    In the US, Apple replaces the entire watch. The cost for this is as much as or more than what the watch is worth.

    New Series 3 38mm models sell for $199 on sale almost daily at Walmart and Amazon here.

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