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    so i threw my iphone. like an idiot. the screen and everythign is fine. but it does nothing until plugged into usb cord. the apple logo will come up then go to a black screen. i put it into dfu where it says connect to itunes. i try and restore it and i get error code 23.

    i read everywhere that 23 is hardware malfunction.

    i have to apple care

    att will charge me 500 for a new 3g.

    apple store will replace it for 199$

    but how will they know if it was thrown and out of warranty. i read others that have the same problem but with no logical damage to it.
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    If you do not have Applecare then $199 will get you a refurbished phone basically as good as new in fact Apple's refurbished units are really good, I have purchased several. If the unit doesn't work and you can't reset it with iTunes, then an Apple replacement might be your best and most efficient way to get back to business with your phone.
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    Bring it to Apple and they should give you a refurb for $200.
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