Broken iPhone4, a few options: What would you do?

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Apr 29, 2008
My beloved iPhone4 (32gb) decided to walk off my nightstand. Front screen glass is cracked but phone is fully functional. I believe I have a few options. What would you do?

Background Info:

-I have AppleCare through June 2012. Unfortunately I don't have AppleCare + which would have covered this cosmetic damage. I plan to add AppleCare + for my next phone.

-I am eligible for a phone upgrade with AT&T on February 25, 2012. Of course, this brings multiple options to the table since my upgrade date is so soon. If it wasn't for this, I would have already got it fixed/replace with no thinking but this throws me.

Option #1 - Simple Replacement
When the iPhone4 front screen breaks, the whole phone needs to be replaced. $149 through the Apple Store. I am uncertain if I get to keep my broken phone AND get the replacement with this option. Something to consider given my other option. I understand there are 3rd party options here for much cheaper but that does not sound appealing to me.

Option #2 - Upgrade to iPhone 4S
I'd have to wait a month with the cracked screen, but I am eligible for a discounted upgrade via AT&T next month. The base iPhone4S (16GB) is $199, only $50 more than the replacement fee for the iPhone4 regular. That would be a downgrade in HDD capacity for me (from 32GB) or I could shell out another $100 for a 32GB iPhone4S at $299 ($150 more than the replacement). A bonus with this option is that I am certain I also get to keep my cracked but fully working phone. I could sell it for a reasonable price on CraigsList. Thoughts?

Other Factors
My wife is also with AT&T and does not have an iPhone. She is eligible for an upgrade now and is interested in an iPhone in the coming months. She'd be interested in my old phone (if replaced) which is a combination of options. Any iphone would be bonus to her, but not a true need.

So that means both of us are eligible for an upgrade very soon. We could use one or both depending on the factors. Or I do the simple replacement and act like nothing happened (but sheesh $150, might as well buy a new phone?). Also, I don't want to blow my upgrade if a new iPhone5 is coming out in the next 8 months.

I think you get the idea..


Thanks all.

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