Broken lock button/stuck on erase all


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May 20, 2013
So I'm out on a limb here hoping I'm not SOL on this whole issue, but the deal is, I have an iPhone 5, about 7 months old and the lock button stopped working about a month or two ago. I've been using assisting touch and not having any problems, however, I also have my phone jail broken with evasion or whatever the program is, but I was wanting to get rid of it today because I haven't had much use for it lately and wanted to clear space. So, I went to erase all settings and contents and its been on the same rotating loading screen for probably 12 hours now.. Online forums say to hard reset it by holding the lock and home button, which I've been trying, but obviously my lock button is failing. I was going to see if I wait it out, see if it dies? or result to opening the phone and taking the battery out.. Any ideas?


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Sep 22, 2011
Hold the home button don't let go and plug it in to your computer with iTunes. This puts it in dfu mode. (According to the thread I found the info in)