Broken Nexus 7

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    Hi Guys,

    My nexus 7 has recently been cracked slightly. The digitizer still works almost perfectly, but there is a small section of the screen that doesn't respond. This means that in portrait mode, I either can't use the menu bar or the home/back buttons.

    It's still useable, but at some point I'd like to replace the digitizer. I've found countless guides, and conflicting opinions on whether you can replace just the digitizer or if it has to be the whole assembly.

    My questions are directed to anyone who has replaced their first gen nexus 7 screen:

    1. Which is the best guide?

    2. Did you replace the whole assembly or just the digitizer/glass?

    3. Where did you get the parts? (Especially UK residents)

    4. Would I be better just buying parts, or buying a 16GB tablet, swapping the screens and selling as useable and keeping my 32GB 3G 7?
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    #2 has everything you need. They have breakdowns and how to's on pretty much everything. ;)

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