Broken screen, external monitor help.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Paulasellshumboldt, Apr 14, 2018.

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    Hi. I have a late iMac 2012 desktop. My son knocked it over and broke the display so I can see nothing on the screen. I purchased an adapter to connect it to HDMI television. If work at first but The Mouse and the keyboard weren't functioning ( they are not the original components but Logitech wireless windows type mouse and keyboard). I tried unplugging and resting the usb/radio thingy for them and rebooting the computer. Before doing this, I could see the mouse arrow on the computer screen in the upper left-hand corner where it always was ( the only part of the computer screen that is still visible), but could not get it to move with the mouse so I could click on to enter my password. After rebooting is no longer displays on the HDMI and I don't see the arrow anymore so I can't do anything. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Does the keyboard have any option for a WIRED connection?
    Wireless keyboards on the Mac can be problematic.

    You didn't say if the keyboard/mouse is connected via Logitech's "unified" USB receiver or by bluetooth.
    IF you are using bluetooth, I recommend that you DON'T use it.
    Use the unifying receiver instead.

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