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    Feb 13, 2011
    In Pages 09, I'm creating a brochure. However, to complete, I must have textboxes to write what I need to say. When I had a textbox, line, square, picture, etc. I'm not able to resize at by dragging the circle with the mouse. This has taken me three hours more than it should because of Pages malfunctioning. :(
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    Jan 9, 2007
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    Dragging what circle? I sincerely doubt Pages is malfunctioning. More likely you're not familiar with the way it works.

    In Pages, objects that can be resized have square "handles" that are white (see the attached screenshot). If the handles are any other shape or color that means the object is locked (gray "x") a master object (blue squares). Unlock objects using the Arrange menu. For master objects you need to use the Format > Advanced menu to make master objects selectable then move the object to the page.

    Select the objects one at a time & hover the cursor until you see the little double arrow, then click & drag to resize.

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